To Eternity

I'd rather lose my life than have to lose myself,

but I'm always myself when I'm with you.

If reincarnation is true, in every past life somehow I'd end up meeting you,

whether I a bug and you a leaf.

Somehow in the expanse of the universe we'd always be together.

I would stick with you till the end of the world and the ride home after.

Eternity can stop a life but not a feeling eternal.

A true love is a true friend,

always present,

always wanting the best for one another.

No language can express these feelings, for they only live in my mind,

apparent only when I see you.

I'm no Romeo, for I understand my emotions

they lead true and the only thing I have a cartain grasp on.

I do not understand the physical and tangible,

just like I do not comprehend your style,

your conventional beauty eludes me,

and the things my eyes can see,

my feelings are blind to.

A beautiful challenges me,

an open heart invites and welcomes me,

and listening ears show you care.

As long as you stay the same I'll go nowhere,

for my happiness you will have eternally maintained.


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This isn't necissarily about me but since this is supposed to be a "love" poem this is more directed towards a significant other.

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