God please

God please forgive me for i  cannot see what others see in me

Everyone sees such a bright future for me

However every time i look to the future i feel lost at sea i can't see a guiding boat  

Dear god will i sink or float

Will i graduate

Or will i be just too dumb and  be extra late

God please forgive me for being lost

Of is it me who just doesn’t know the true cost

God please show me what i am here for

Or take me home with you so that i may struggle no more

God please forgive me if i am wrong

My father's purpose was for me to be a trap that was strong

God please all i want is to make people happy

But it seems as though every time i look all i do is make people unhappy

Please god i don’t wanna believe miserable

But when i wake up in the morning i'm irritable

God i know i am way too blessed to be this stressed

I know the point of life is to travel a long quest

But god even the longest quest had a map

However my beginning was a trap

God i want to be more than that!!





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