Single-minded desire

To feel value 

To be of value 

Counting every flaw

Every little thing

To tell myself 

I'm not worth anything

Is it delusions? 

Is it lies? 

I am told otherwise

I am loved 

I have some meaning

To people who are actually SEEING 


But my eyesight was always bad

To the point glasses can't fix 

Vision blurry 

Mind a little fogged

Ask me one good thing about me 

And my throat gets clogged

My nit-picky habits

Are picking at me

Telling me I am not


They say you cannot love 

Another, when you do not love


But that is ignorant truth

Because those who speak 

Do not see 

My imperfections are not

Reflected in you

Or they did not come from you

This apple had fallen 

And the wind swept it away

The tree I'm beneath

Is not where I came

But the trap in which I'll stay 

Because those who are important 

Don't fade away 

Aren't forgotten 

Are always saved

But every hero meets their match

And mine is incompared 

No hero can defeat 

This darkness in me 

Too vast, too deep

To compete

No, no 

This darkness is for me

And I can only hope 

To bring its defeat

This poem is about: 
My family
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