Sacred Heart

What does this world possess?

From the time Immemorial,we know that Life has many things in stock, It is a dwelling place that is temporary in Nature but seen as a permanent place because of many things it entails. (W. P. W)

I. Wealth



In these three words, the world can be a better place and vice-versa.

A man without these three, words has been tagged, irrelevant.

This beautiful world on the other hand can make one sin against one’s soul and Creator but when it’s properly guided using the Normal Nuggets of Life would just be in a Balance state.

*Be where you want to be seen

*Do What you want to be known for

*Have what You would Love to share

And most Important of all,

*Live the way you want to die.

In the Islamic Doctrine and Scriptures, Muslim believes that a soul would be raise again in its form and this Soul in the body and with the body would definitely be raised the way it Died.

And God knows the Best

# Be A Being with a Sacred Heart,

# Hate no one Because you can’t create a fly.

# Be a Lover and not a Fighter.

# Be Kind to all even the Animals.

The position you are in now, is not permanent. Remember someone was there Yesterday and today He’s gone.

Mortality of Life is so certain that no one knows the next.

In my research about Life and Death, Shows the relationship between Success and Failure.

We don’t fail because we are born to fail but we fail because we stopped Dreaming and Trying .

I Learnt it over the years that, we shouldn’t quit but rest to continue on our journey,an act of quitting is just tagged as Failures strategies.

Be the better version of yourself to Inspire, Educate and Motivate others.

Believe in God and in yourself that you can do it and you will see yourself doing it already.

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