How Little Ol' Me Became One With Poetry

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 17:06 -- RajS

Inability to communicate

To Elaborate

To Speak

It is quite a terrible fate 

One which should not be cursed

Even upon those that you hate

Yet here I was 


Eyes shut and lips pursed


Voiceless I sat trying

To Ignore

To Forget

Never knowing what lay in store

For I learned tales of Jack

Yet there was no Jill

Introduced to the effects of a bottle

Never knew of any hill


Jack was a demon

He came out at night

He had a last name of Daniels

He gave me much more than a fright

He ruined my father

He killed my light


Soon the demon took over

He made me swear I would not tell

Thus I became sans words

The ultimate sanction befell


Gripped with fear I tried

To Relate

To Declare

But I suffered in silence

I wallowed in despair


I learned of a new method

A technique

One that graced my life with fullnes

One that made me complete

Gifted a voice I began

To share

To breathe

I had a way to say

That which haunted me


I became one with poetry

Writing had filled me with glee

Being able to express myself

Whilst maintaining secrecy

Finally I had found it

Something to mitigate the pain

For once I accessed my soul

Not just my brain


As most children lose hide and seek

So did my work

Took naught more than a week



But who was the sleuth that caught me? 

'Twas not a demon

Nor a monster

Why it was my dear and precious mommy!

She learned of my problems

And set off on a quest

To put my trauma to rest

My dear mommy

She knew what to do 

She is a one woman army

She even scared away that monster

She did it all and without saying "Boo"!


My mother was a major factor

It is certain

I am sure

But poetry saved me

It brought me a warmth

Just like having a coat of fur

Thus is the story of how I came to be

The magnificent individual that has been set free











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My family
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