Two Celestial Bodies

Two celestial bodies roam the skies

So different, so unique, but still linked through life.


One makes a big entrance at every arrival

With bursts of pinks and purples announcing her strides.

She loves to bring warmth wherever she goes,

Sending rays of bright cheer with radiant joy.


The other is much more quiet and composed,

Preferring to arrive without any sort of show.

Thoughtful and noble, yet peaceful in flight,

His demeanor is as soothing as a soft flake of snow.


Such a distinction in personalities could cause issue

If disrespect and ignorance dominates the minds of the two.

Blind to the gifts the other has to offer,

The bodies would shove and push one another.

The peace in joy would be suppressed

And chaos and violence would decimate the rest.


One provides the light so that the other may shine,

Letting him enjoy the peace of the night in which he thrives.

In return he stands ever by her side,

As she dances through the day with vibrant delight.


There is no coercion into a life unworthy,

Or feeling as though there is a waterfall of insecurity.


Love is support and compromise

While finding out where the beauty in each other lies.

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Our world
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