smile and a kiss

a smile and a kiss

the kind face of pain

The smile is genuine

but it masks pain

pain and hurt and conflict

all masked the same


I hurt to see it

it clouds his eyes

within his smile

a smile only few people see

every once in a while

he falls hard

off the cliff of conflict

i try to catch him

but he ignores me

he likes the pain enjoys his suffering

but i hate to see it


i want him happy

my love is that strong

i sacriffice my happiness

just for him

i want him

he wants me

but he wants her more

so that's where he'll be


i stare at him a long while

say a quiet thank you

as he leans and smiles

i yearn for him

i smile like crazy

i want his lips

to feel his touch

skin to skin

but he loves her 

will never love me

so i bottle these feelings

in horrid misery

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