Tue, 11/03/2015 - 15:59 -- apolli

Life is short and my time will soon be up,

Death was approaching and my next breath could have been my very last,

The mountain seemed too steep to climb,

But the time was now, the time to persevere,and the time to strive.

It all started back in January of 2009,

A daunting goal of becoming Hifz of the Quran was soon to be born.

I never knew it would be this which would mould me into who I am today,

Nor would it be this that made me learn the true values of determination,

Perseverance, Responsibility, and Independance.

Determination was tested from Day 1,

Memorizing 14 lines seemed like a swim across an everlasting river,

Yet I pushed on, hoping for the best, pushing myself to the limits,

Never knowing this journey would push me to the boundaries of failure,

And would require an utmost effort that I had never experienced before.

However, I overcame the swim, and soon was memorizing 50 lines a day.

When times got rough, I persevered knowing the reward will be astonishing.

I learned to become independant and responsible,

Taking time out of every day to memorize and revise,

Knowing the key to the treasure chest could only be obtained

Through Hard work & Practice.

Three years later, the journey had ended,

The goal had been conquered. What was special about the jounrey,

Was not what I had accomplished, but what I became.

I learned the values of life, to make the most of every situation,

And most of all, to NEVER GIVE UP, no matter how hard it gets,

A lesson which will last with me until the day of my death.





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