Sun, 09/17/2017 - 07:20 -- cici103

Just as a boa constrictor, an unhealthy relationship suffocates those caught within its coil.

Smaller and smaller, the world is slowly constricting,

Gasping for breath, an eye-opening realization comes to mind.

Rather than allow oneself to be crushed, there is always an option to leave.

Find the person who brightens your horizon.

Seek the soul that compliments yet challenges your being,

The love that holds true should light your life like the stars themselves shine.

Adventures fueled by passion decorate your lives with unforgettable memories.

True love knows no boundaries, it is endless and eternal.

Your significant other will, without doubt, support you through thick and thin.

If you ask them why they treat you so wonderfully, they’ll smile.

And the reply is, because I love you.

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