To Perform for the World

When I Perform

My spirit takes the world by storm. 

The curtain opens and I ascend

up into the clouds.

I transform into a beautiful being.

Bright and loud.

My heart thunders up in front of a crowd.

I create my very own, one of a kind rain dance, 

and with a sudden and vibrant shock of my lightning bolt

I thrill the audience with both my powerful stance 

As well as my tender romance. 

The world watches me. 

My thundering heart booms faster and faster.

My rain dance waters the thirsty flowers.

Slowly my thundering comes to a halt.

In wonder and curiosity,

The world listens to the end of the story.

The audience follows me with their eyes as I descend.

My feet touch the ground as my performance comes to an end.

The clouds clear up and out comes the sun.

The world begins to stand.

The bows have begun.

I take my bow and turn all sorts of colors, I know.

The performance of my storm will be memorable.

I glow.

The flowers have been watered.

My storm has passed.

I illuminate as my very own rainbow. 

I have taken the world by storm at last. 

















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Our world
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