White and blue

Today I am blue,

madl, deeply blue

depe thathe Marianas Trench,

Because that seems to be where my soul has escaped to, the bottom of the ocean.

I am blue today,as if I am covered by a cerulean blanket, smothered,

and I just can't fight hard enough to move anymore.

I am blue today, but I can feel the change approaching, a storm of white on the horizon.

Soon I will be lost in a snow storm,

buoyed on a euphoric cloud,

looking down with a gleam in my eye on the pieces of myself that I have left in the ocean.

I may laugh,

because I know that I don't need those pieces

I may laugh,

but make no mistake, this is not happiness,

This is another thing entirely,

this is the days that I am white, dangerously light.

Watch as I cycle, blue and white,

Forever fluctuating.


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