Dear Kim Jong-Un

Dear Kim Jong-Un,

I see you up in your palace, your insulation spilling over your belt

I see you but you see the skin dripping off the bones of your people

Your villainous laugh pierced my ears so hard it stung

I know you can hear them; hear the cries

The cries of the hungry the cries of agony the cries of the young

While I have this chance I wanted to ask, how good is your food

It must be the most flavorful feast for you to hold it within your walls

I wonder how incredible power must be for you to throw away the worlds possibility of peace

How hungry is your greed

Does it claw at the back of your mind until you finally concede

Maybe I don't know the stress of power

How could I

I was a girl locked away from the world living high up in a tower

But you tower over your people as if people are just things used for manipulation and gluttony

Let me ask how good are your hugs

With your vast stomach and wide arms, it must feel like a continuous valley of comfort

But your heart leaks coldness into your skin and it becomes as if you're drowning

But maybe that's a better than starvation

Can I ask how you still bring money into the country

Nearly every country in the world has stopped trading with you

I figured someone whos so driven by greed would be better at making money

I heard you live pretty lavishly up high above the dirt; I mean people

But a person must get pretty lonely when all the world hates you

You've killed your own family yet still claim you're happy

You can fool the world but you can't fool me

When you decide you wanna change, write me back and we can build a bluer sky

Sincerely, Your conscience



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Our world
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