The Chicanx Nightmare

Undocumented aliens,

Racists see them as the enemies

They’re trying to make a living for themselves,

Not to mention for their families.

Getting deported by I.C.E

So hard to comprehend

So some pretend that they don’t see.


Blood sweat and tears

Outcome of hard work

Got me praying on my knees

Hope that one day I can see

Peace and love for all

And hopefully no walls


Single mothers raising their children,

Alone but not by choice

They felt as if they had no voice.

I knew a woman that stood strong

I asked her for how long

She said 5 years ago 

They took the love of her life

Robbed the man from his beautiful wife


Handcuffed him at work

Threw him behind bars

Called him an alien

As if he came from Mars

He was held in a detention center

All she wanted was a hug

But they wouldn’t even let her enter


You see...

The system is built against people of our race

Working so hard just trying to get ahead

And if I told you the story of how my parents got here

You would be amazed…


The children are living in fear

They’re holding back their tears

Staring at the mirror

Thinking that the end is near


The schools don’t keep it real

Kids are suffering from disorders

Maybe it’s time that they heal

They act fine through the day

But when the night comes around 

Nobody asks how they feel


Deprived dealers slanging dimes

That’s how they spend their time

Making some guapo

So they’re feeling like El Chapo


Locking people up for wax

But when are they gonna arrest the president for tax

Rich people hiding stacks 

Overworking “wet backs”

When will people listen to the facts 


Hard working men

Working all day

Construction in the Bay

Long hours underpaid

Staring at the clock

Wondering what they made


Not to forget the paletero men

My god they are the best

Over 100 degrees outside

And they’re still out to ride

But when the police come around

They feel the need to hide


State of paranoia

In the state of California

Paletero men on the blocks

Police with the glocks

One on commission

One on the clock


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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My name is Galy Jimenez. I am a 20 year old Chicana student at San Jose City College. I am first generation American. Both of my parents are Mexican immigrants who’s dream is to see me succeed in school and grow into a powerful woman. I have seen them struggle in many ways living in this country. Therefore I strive to be the best student and daughter that I can be. I’m currently studying psychology and business. My poem “The Chicanx Nightmare” was one of my first poems ever created. I wrote this poem while in my ethnic studies class. Learning about my culture, background, and history inspired me to be more active in my community and speak up for justice. Participating in rallies, strikes, community organizations , and open mic nights has fueled my confidence in public speaking. Poetry has been a great outlet for me as it is the easiest way for me to get my point across while also making the audience feel and understand my language in a unique manner. I hope you enjoy my poem and I look forward to hearing some feedback. Thank you.

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