I am- by Deede

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And you ask me: "Who I am?"...
...But I ask me the same question every day...
...No answer yet!
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror. 
They tell me it's me.
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror,
and all I know is I exist.
Who am I? 
Who are you? Who are we?
I see my reflection on the mirror, 
yet I have never seen me.
I am a writer,
because the words on my mind are spilling into these pieces of paper.
But, I am more than that... I am a voice
because you hear me speak as you read my letters.
Sometimes I am anger,
Sometimes I am peace.
Sometimes I am courageous or coward
depends on how and what you read.
I can be a captain
telling you: "All aboard!"
I can be an old lady 
telling you: "Darling, do you want more?"
All I know is that... I am.
I am a human, a voice, a part.
I am a piece of that novel 
you call life.
I can be a simple whisper, a breeze in one of your pages 
or the whole book.
I can also be non-existent, 
or I can be the one to finish the story for you.
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror. 
Let's look... What I see?
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror,
and all I know is I exist.
I am... I was... I will...
I always wonder if this one I see is the real me.
So delicate, yet so powerful with so much to be,
Full of desires and stories to share and to read.
And yet... I have never seen me to really know who I am.
I am what others tell me they see,
I can be someone who writes the story with them
or someone who reads.
I can be anybody or not one at all
I am that character in your story you yet not describe.
I am that voice in your head 
you don't recognize.
I am a whisper, I am silence, 
I am a loud noise.
It all depends on what you want to hear 
or you want to ignore.
I am me...
yet I don't know... who I am?
I am a simple, a complex, a neutral
character in your life.
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror. 
I see the "me" about whom you write in the story of your life
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror,
wishing I could know who I am in the story I write.
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror. 
I have never seen me, neither my eyes just merely a reflection of mine.
1...,2...,3... I look at the mirror,
and I realize is both a curse and a blessing...to not know who am I.
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Haley D

Wow. This is a very powerful poem. I hope that you win this scholarship slam.



Thank you for passing by to read, and thanks for your comment and best wishes.

It is very appreciated. Hope you enjoy the poem!




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