When The Sky Was Pink, and The Moon Made of Cheese

There was once a little girl who was queen,

And lived in a world where the sky was pink and the moon was made of cheese!

There was no concerns for that little girl who was queen,

For she was only thirteen.


The little girl was queen because she knew discrimination,

And her family had once been called “wetback fiends”,

By a woman she had never seen.

The lady was going to call her son, to hit her Daddy, 

Who was angry,

But stayed quiet as could be.

That was the first time she knew people could be mean.


The world soon fell on the little queen

When a certain boy crushed her heart with a squeeze.

At the time, she did not realize there was more fish in the sea,

And at the time, she was thirteen.


Years past and Grandpa lost to disease,

And cousin Carlos took his leave

When his car flipped over in Mexico.

Life was taking too much for the little queen,

But she learned the moon was not made of cheese,

Because she opened her eyes,

And met reality.


Today she is a young lady,

Who knows the sky is not pink,

And the moon is not made of cheese.

She now looks back at the days she was queen,

Yet is happy as can be.

Life is too short to live in dismay,

So one must strive to smile (no matter how many obstacles come one’s way),

Just like the little girl who was queen,

But is now seventeen:

Yahayra is her name,

And that, is me.


So because the sky was pink,

And the moon was made of cheese,

I can now say:

“My name is Yahayra, and I am me.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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I really like this. Cute :)


I tried! Thanks! (:

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very creative

keep building your ideas

expand your horizon even more as you continue to wtite


I shall take this advice into consideration. Thank you very much!

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