Little Bird

Sat, 03/09/2019 - 12:06 -- Aiman

Little Bird


A little bird,

comfortable in her nest,

content with being warm by her mama and littermates.

One day mama gets up and sings beautifully,

of adventures about the Outside.

It peaks Little Bird’s attention and grabs ahold of her wild imagination.

However, she isn’t ready.

Her littermates confident, although clumsy, flap their wings,

while Little Bird watches, yearning of possibilities.

However, she isn’t ready.

She wants to go out and one day sing of her own beautiful stories,

but her littermates are far better at flying than her.

What hope does she have when even they are still clumsy?

She believes she isn’t ready.

Little Bird loses time,

and Mama nudges her, encouraging her to fly,

however she isn’t ready.

Little Bird grudgingly flys, but lands with a harsh thud,

but for a second a feeling had begun to spark in her chest.

It was tiny, but maybe… it was what she wanted,

her long yearned for freedom.

Maybe she’s ready?

She gingerly spreads her wings and flaps them,

allowing the wind to run through her feathers,

each stroke better than the last.

With practice, she understands it and swoops and soars,

regretting not leaving her nest sooner.

She’s dreamt crazy dreams and now they can be fulfilled,

as she chirps with delight.

She’s been ready and now she knows it.

Little Bird can’t help it and soon sings just like Mama,

of her wild stories from the Outside.

She describes the glittering rivers and breathtaking landscapes,

this time her littermates yearning.



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My family
Our world
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