This is Goodbye so Why Won't You Leave Me Be

Dear Anxiety,


Thanks to you, my friends, Will to Live and Love, have left my 


I try to reason with you, trying to get you to



I tell myself you will come around and stop hovering over my like the

Sick bitch you are but you never seem to stop.


Getting you to go away is a pain so I write this letter to send

Off my feelings towards you.

Our relationship can't continue further on

Down this sick and unhealthy path

Because, it is obvious

You will never be happy from someone like me. Nor will you 

Ever change your unhealthy personality.


Stop pretending you're fine and I'm fine when

Obviously it's not.


We both know you are too controlling, so don't act like you

Have these feelings that are obviously not meant for someone like me. Don't deny it.

You know why I feel this way.


Whenever I want to leave my home, you hold me down telling me, "stop, wait.

Only idiots would leave with the house like that. Sorry to be a

Nitpick, but that shirt isn't doing you any favors. Ever heard of a



You're not happy with me. You never cease to stop your complaining

On every little detail of my life. Trying to get

Under my skin and making me into the perfect image of the person I can never become.


Justifying it as doing me good doesn't hide the fact

U don't know when to be quiet. Please just

Shut up,

Torturing me every waking moment.


Lately, I lied to myself, telling myself I must endure you. For the sake of our relationship.

Even if it means leaving with only a shell of me, but

At least, it's me. Not you. Not you and your

Vivid imagination that somehow we both would make it. We can't though.

Eventually, you'll suck my life out dry and not even leave a shell of a reminder.


Many times I ask for you to leave, but you think I'm only joking

Everone still wonders why I'm still with you. You even question it too!


But you still stay so I write this letter just to say words I hope 

Even has the tiniest meaning.

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