It took a while. Until I could look up at the sky and instead of hiding myself out loud, start living for the sun behind the clouds. Start looking for those lemonade skies and imagine flying by. It wasn’t that I had an epiphany, I just trusted my inner mind. I captured each night in my daydreams, ripping apart at the seams. Dawn pouring down, erasing the day. I knew if I could feel for the first time, I’d drown in the pain. I’d hide it in the limelight, anything on my own. I’d write my thoughts, but the fragile page couldn’t die unknown. Behind my greatest potential, was something unintentional. A message I needed to share. For anyone there, anyone who cared. Finally an outlet, and I gladly accept. Amidst the ambition, I can’t help but envision, this Slam won’t go towards my tuition, but I’m glad I followed my intuition.


Anyone can agree, especially as a teen, you’re torn between what makes you complete. One thing I’ve found true. I took my own route, dreaming for my meaning too. I think I’ve found it, a work in progress. A journey in the process. How else do I express? It’s a major stress, craving making my everything. Be who I want to be with no regrets. So much to do, I took the time to realize, my future is only a fraction of human nature. Sky blue, in a high-flying hue. Everything in clear view. I never fail to mention, amidst my split attention, painting, skating, music-making. Despite my initial suspicion, still proud to follow my intuition.


A spark of ambition is all you need for ignition. What I’m saying is, ignore the hourglass. A lifelong tradition, is yours to catch. It’s a compelling thought I’ve had in my head. A creative storytelling, and I’m far from the best. Music is how I get things off my chest. If I were to write a song, it would have an ambiguous sound…


It may take long. Until I nail that kickturn or write a hit song. Right now, I barely know where my skateboard is heading, and I rock my amateur guitar shredding. But enough of this sedentary commentary, I’m sure it’s getting old. Would you rather believe the story from how it’s told, or how it’s shown?


Even with a shaky start, you have to keep rolling. Maybe not in a straight line, but wherever you end up going. When time carves your path, it’s okay to change tracks. But the nice thing is, you never derail. Life is your trail. When twists and turns tilt your sail, your passion will prevail.


Whether I’m flying with my head in the clouds, or sailing through every hardship around, I aspire to be inspired. Taking that chance, every subtle look and close-up glance. Don’t look back until everything is said and done, as if it was your last day. Life is a journey of acquisition. And with success underway, it takes a lot to say, that I followed my intuition.


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