Sonny's Letter

Dear Great-nephew,

Your child memories may fail to include me.
So, I write this letter for you to hold onto.
As you get wiser, it is imperative for my
Memories and tales to stay with you.
I advise you to learn about me, us, and you.

Learn about your roots that stretch wide
From Baton Rouge to Baltimore.
Be aware of Nubian thinkers, painters,
Entertainers, and travelers.
Trace the footsteps found on this soil;
From the steps made on Jamestown,
To the steps made on the streets leading
To Selma.

Hear of the tears that fell on our cheeks,
But also the laughter that left us breathless.
For the dozens and Blues are the brushes
That help paint our portrait.
A portrait made for Uncle Sam.
Remember the footprints because
There are those who try to wash them away.

The same people who respond to
A whipping scar with a Band-Aid.
The same people who will create
A Lost Cause and ignore our perspective
In the Blue and Grey’s quarrel.
Do not allow them to take our history
Into their own hands.
They will only gain the upper hand
In the mind and in life.

Gain confidence when reading of
Blacks and Browns displaying
Their divine gifts. Utilize
These stories as a guide while
Maneuvering through the Current.
Lastly, incorporate this guide in
All of the 12 months. Because

An Afro-American who only

Studies himself (or herself) in a month

Is no different than a Believer

Who only prays on Sunday.



Uncle Sonny

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