Nothing is for sure, yet emotions and affection almost define it all, it is you, to climb and fall, a mountainous path behind your braw, to doors that dance a timeless ball, opening for those your mind has flawed, and help again like binded laws, ensure her hand, yet she doesn't mind at all, and im in aww, to say good day, Huh...first find my jaw, my crime is called, im this pawn with men who want the kindest song, I barely here your chime that calms, but only in a line this long, but when I here your kindness call i find this bond, the chimes and gongs you shine beyond the sound that pounds wen I am gone, it brings me back.... To stand, and wait ... And wait, a man... A fan, your mate. I wait . For you to know our fate, tho we met so late, the waits , What's made this great, the weight, our love creates, inflates and masks the hate,You sometimes find what's on my mind , that once a time I sat in line for love like yours to soon be mine, and sadness overcomes,but don't feel sad those thoughts I had that's just what they do, tho more then bad they lead to glad and that's when I found you, some avoid some annoyed , im just over joyed! This love we share can't compare, does more then fill a void.

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