When the Light Fades

When the Light Fades

Natali Hutcheson



Green mountains turn to dark silhouettes 

as the sun sinks below the horizon

a flame ignites the clouds

 with a burst of blinding yellow, primrose pink, and bright coral


Ancient trees ooze freezing sap

 to prepare for hibernation

they creak and groan

 trying to remain upright against the bitter wind


Hustling ants scurry their way around

 in search for their last bits of food 

before the deadly frost


Migrating elk bugle

 as the blinding snow erases the path they wish to take

They grow out their fur and lose their velvet

 in search of a warmer home


White snow hides Earth’s beauty

 in a thick, frosty blanket


The days are shorter

the darkness stays longer

This is winter



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I love the creativity of the poem, but it has nothing to to with climate change. Additionally, I think you should take out the stanzas relating to animals. Keep be creative like this and you’ll go far with a doubt!

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