My Protector, My Mother, Satheric

Dear my protector,

Satheric, Satheric.

With feathers so sleek like a silent owl in flight,

The comforting hum of your voice, kept me asleep all night.

As I knew there was nothing to fright.

The wings around me to protect me dear,

And a soothing purr which I still hear.


Satheric, Satheric.

Feeding me and teaching me the world I live,

Giving me life and motivation to give.

I care for those just like you did to me,

Even still you are so proud of what I wish to be.

Your talons fending off those with motherly care,

You don't wish for harm to me, none, no one would dare.


Satheric, Satheric.

Always by my side,

Even in my own mind, you are my guide.

Leading me through darkness so thick,

But your love and light always did the trick.

Safe with you I always feel,

Because I love you, my protector, my mother.

Satheric, Satheric



Your Child


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My family
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