To Our Abusers

Dear Abusers,


a being filled with aspirations, innocence, the will to live.

I wiped the dirt off,

used a bandage,

tried to minimize the damage, 

but this wasn't a scrape, more like a scar,

something to make you feel like a hollywood film star.

The confidence is gone, pride is nonexsistent,

our mothers wonder why we've become so distant.

You told us it was our fault,

our ignorance is to blame,

our mid-length skirts ignite your sadistic flame.

This we know to be false, we choose to believe it,

because our entire support system is rapidly fleeting.

Our life suddenly has no meaning,

You're all we have left, and you're all we're believing

Every word you spoke was cleary decieving. 

We are awake now,


And we are no longer grieving.


We put our foot down, and work up the courage,

to stand up for ourselves, to thrive, to flourish.

You get upset, your breathing grows heavy, 

you raise your hand, your forehead is sweaty.

A sudden sting on our cheek, a hole in our soul,

hurts almost as bad as your lack of self control.


The time is now, 2018, the world is kind and the air is free.

We've found an escape,

a sunset sea,

but nothing will heal the tainted memory,

of our love that sprouted like a grand oak tree,

festering with mold that eternally feeds.


With love,








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Our world
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