(Re)Placing Blame

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 16:11 -- gvonfos




I am no longer going to feel spaced out

About needing to cut you off.

I was a planet, with rivers and lakes.

You were the rings wrapped around me.

My ocean was vast and you wanted to reach their depths.

You were full of chunks of rock falling for me, so I caught you the best I could


I cannot blame myself for the comet crashes I suffered from.

I want to say I’m sorry for not having enough,

But I shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t say sorry so you can justify your solitary destruction.

Would I apologize for wanting to get better; to heal?



I refuse to confuse what I feel with what I need

Anymore, I don't want to blame myself for working towards a better life,

A better revolution.


You kept smacking against me into my rivers and lakes

My ocean evaporated due to those falling stars in your eyes.

I am like dinosaurs you exterminated,

My bones now fuel all that you are.


You impacted me, for sure.

Impacted like a meteorite on the moon

Like a solar flare on the planet earth.

You beat into me until I burned,

So I became the sun,

Making my torment beautiful.


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