Lead Me Astray

Love is enticing

Icing on cake

I'll go where it takes me 

I hope I don't break


I've made journeys to hearts

Universes apart

I've seen, but I've felt much more

So many people and things I adore


My feet wear down

And still I travel

Traversing gravel roads

And mountaintops covered in clouds

And in poems I wrote


Have I found "Cloud 9"?

Many times, I've written that specific poem

"My heart gushes"

"I love him" "I love her"


Filled to the brim with cliches 

Not enough days and not enough ways 

To describe this feeling


Because each time is unique 

In making my heart feel weak


Love is a weakness

It's your sweetness, your hope

Connecting you to someone or something

With emotional rope,

Invulnerable to logic and reality


Love is "Hey, don't get mad at me

For loving you the way I do"

Love is shattered plates thrown with hate

When words don't carry enough weight 


Love is a peaceful sunset 

After you became so upset 

the last time you saw that person

You screamed that you wished that they'd die 


Love is sitting by the beach with the person you've been with

For a few years

You have no fears

You've shed some tears, but...

You are content

You know they are too

And love is the exact moment when you turn to look into their eyes

And you know they knew

What you were thinking

And a soft smile spreads along both your lips 

And you kiss


Love is a lot of things


I've traveled to hearts 

And each time have had to depart


Because sometimes love feels right

And sometimes it doesn't 

It takes two to sift through such complicated emotions


People that love you might hurt you

It's awful

They might apologize



But when is enough, enough?


Sometimes people may not feel right loving you back

Find someone that loves you for who you are, imperfections and all

Don't fall for ugly souls


Each person has a role to play in your  journey


And you have to leave some of your favorite destinations sometimes

Look forward to seeing new places, new ideas

It's okay to let go

It's okay to be led astray


Travel to your heart's content

You'll find the onset of these feelings again someday








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