When You Broke My Golden Heart...A Diamond Was Born

There was once a man with a penniless soul,

Who was looking for women to make him whole.

So he wandered into my undiscovered land,

Where he dug a whole with his filthy hand.

And with my treasured heart he hold,

Made an evil plot


To burn it for its gold.


He led me on with his metal detector.

He knew how to attract my gems.

He thought I would make him rich,

If he stuck me in his pants.


He told me I was sexy when he first picked me up.

He loved how much I shined

Like ice in a plastic cup.

He was so focused on my surface,

Putting pressure on me to shine more.

It seemed his biggest dream in life  

Was that I would sell myself short.


He didn't know my worth.


I flashed my words at him like lightning, 

Hoping his soul would reignite.

But a fog of lust sitting in his eyes

Made them a mere blind sight.


One night at quarter of two,

I saw the tiniest of stars reflect a light so blue.

I touched each sparkle with lettered keys

And arranged it in a galaxy where my soul could bleed.

Each line made the sand in my eyes form a stream.

Each sentence shot a firework that made my heart scream:

"Yes... Yes....I see...I see  

How beautiful my words can be..."


And yet all of this happened

When my lover was sound asleep.

While he dreamed of gold riches,

I found my diamond peak.


But he still didn't let me speak.


He found my words to be ridiculous.

He dirtied my shine by being promiscuous.

He made my thoughts inconspicuous.


He burned me..


Not with the fire of his anger beneath,

But with the ignorance that lied in between his teeth.


Then one day he dropped me by the bay

And my heart shattered into pieces.

I was so scared he would throw me away.

Fear is when love ceases. 


So I let the ocean carry me astray

And drown me in resilience.

He didn't even try to convince me to stay.

He knew nothing of my brilliance.


My lost soul floated for miles.

I wasn't sure if I'd be fine

Until I hit an old fisherman's boat

And he caught me by the line.

He rinsed me dry of my hurt

And quilted it with inspiration.

He saw how my heart was treated

Like life's biggest inflation.


He reeled in my mind.

He hooked me with words. 

He was so human, 

Yet he knew the thoughts of the birds.

He breathed a poem on my pieces 

And polished them back together. 

He even saw a quiet rainbow 

Within my stormy weather. 

He knew just where I came from 

Without looking at my tears.

He knew about penniless souls 

And how they controlled my fears.


"How on Earth did you hear my soul?"

I asked as I cried.

He said:

"Poetry is a hero for the voices who have died." 

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