Honest Confessions on Falling Out of Love

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 21:10 -- kait09

I know you don’t understand

The sun has set and the fog is heavy

But can’t you hear them whispering?


The soft voices beyond our own

Deep in the water beneath our feet


They say when it rains it pours

You and I are stuck in the rain

Only I am brave enough

To step out from under the umbrella

Open my mouth

And become one with the clouds


I’ve thought a lot about the clouds lately

I’ve thought about pulling one down

And resting my head on it

To soothe the nightmares


Would you be happy then?

If I could remove all the rain

And pretend once more

That you ever knew me


Once August came

It was time to go

I should have seen it then

That pink skies and first impressions

And a broken record playing a smile

Can only mean one thing


This is what you think it is

A confession

A sigh and petals in the wind


While you were stepping over puddles

I was dancing in the rain

I’ve gotten my feet wet

Had my taste of honesty

I’m afraid that was all it took


Darling, darling

Forgive me

I am betrayed by my tears

They stay in my eyes and wait for a reason


The way I have

Since I first felt my heart jump

And heard those voices tell me

“Go to, go to”

But not to you


Yours earnestly,

Never yours


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