If possible 

I want to survive on your exhales

breathe in your anxieties

your adrenaline and sobs. 

I want to be your morning coffee

making each sunrise a little easier

making the day seem a little less long

I want your thoughts as my dessert

delicately indulging 

knowing when to stop 

I want my fingers to trace your outlines

mend your boundaries 

never sneak across borders 

never break down walls

I want to be your favorite sweater

to cling to you in the cold

to find comfort in each other's skin

to hide insecurities from the mirror

I want us to grow together like vines

climbing towards the sky 

leaves turned upward for the sun 

Our paths will intermingle 

weave together forever growing longer

never halting 

never turning more red than blue 

I want all of this

because I love you 

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