The Future of Abbie

The Future of Abbie

Chris Lane

As I watch,

Patiently waiting on the water,

I see the one,

Skin becomes cold,

My body melts into the lake,

I not only see an angel,

I see my future,

Four days is all I got,

We come from distances

Distances in which seperate us,

Our time together was short,

Our time together,

It was the best time of my life,

Oh that last night, I begun to fill with fright,

I panic as I splash into my own mind,

Sobbing at the thought of leaving,

I lay down the spoon,

I run into the woods,

I become a coward, 

a coward,

a coward who seeks nothing but to love,

As I regret not spending that last night with you,

I cry to myself,

Nobody hears me,

Nobody cares,

I  was suffocating,

Until you brought life into me,

Dear Abbie, 

Dear Abbie, 

As my letters reach,

I reach further,

You gave me life,

Oh you gave my  best nights,

I cry right now,

At the thought of you,

Four days,

Four days is all I got,

One day,

I will cross paths with you again,

I will not coward,

As you are my future,

My future is you,

I speak of truth,

I Love You,



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