SHAMED // By: Melissa H.



Tripping over wires of 

The mental lies

Society tells us to hide

Behind a disguise

We're not hoping to drown

Under the lies 

But sadly not everyone can survive

Some take their lives

Others just hide until they die

They don't shine in their true light

They're pushed further

And deeper into the night

So that they can forget themselves

Without a fight

They Are shamed 

and beaten 

Emotionally and physically

No one helps them survive

we are taught

That being different is wrong

Skin colour and all

We are treated differently if we are not

What society thinks we should be

And this is just so wrong

Everyone is different yet

We are forced to be the same

Unless we want to be shamed

And thrown down a flight of 100 stairs of

 emotional pain

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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