Human design

Under one nation
What is one nation
We fight a war for peace
Its all an excuse
To hide from the truth
We are never satisfied
We live a life smothered in lies.

Why is it that a person can't speak their mind
Without being condemned
Someone has to be right
An excuse to riot
A reason to fight.
Why do i try
If it means my voice has to die.

If my care is for nothing
Ill make my shot running
I refuse to refuse
I leave my heart drowning.

They are like vermin,
Scrounging for treasure
From the flesh of those squirming.
Are you satisfied?
Will you stand up and speak
Or remain like a fool
Nimble and weak.

Now is the moment
Our passions lie dormant
Bottled and hidden
Ungrateful for what we've been given.
Soulless and shriven
Unamused by the fates we are living.
Who are we saving?

If my care is for nothing,
Ill take my shot running
I refuse, I  refuse
To leave my heart drowning

If the world is worth saving
Who will start living
Amongst all the corpses that lie in their coffins.

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Our world
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