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By: Isabella Gates    On: 07/06/2018

Poetry fills one with determination makes all that fills one with negativity all to be swept away along the movement of the pen/pencil paper or computers or phones. Poetry helps some who have depression and whisp it away, as it did for Isabella. Making all she felt inside of negativity to be gone leaving her with composure, removing all the suffering she was feeling placing it all onto what she writes to heal ones broken soul to make her feel some shorts of purpose. Erasing it all like a word mistake on paper helping all the negativity flow out of her form depression to even self-hatred she inflicted on her self-making it all go away healing her, helping her feel better about it all giving her hope a chance to speak what she been holding back for so long helping her forget the past and not think about doing bad stuff she would regret doing that would harm people she loved.


The poem was about me the writer Isabella Gates to show how poetry has helped me over time the photo below shows how I was before poetry came into my life

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