Glass Shield

Our world, separated by darkness and light,

Roughly advances, more difficult to fight;

People will struggle in order to thrive,

Though many just struggle to stay alive;

Fear and insecurity lurk in the night.


If not overcome, fears will not fade,

Forever trapped inside a mind’s cave;

For many years, this I refused,

The more I ignored, the more I felt used;

My body was numb and my vision had greyed.


I felt beaten to the point of fighting back,

My glass shield had been enough cracked;

I spoke out and got some help,

I knew I needed to repair myself;

Self-worth was what I utterly lacked.


I cut my hands on shards of glass,

Piecing back together my mask;

My reflection was what had shattered,

My self image was thus left tattered;

But talk therapy helped this hatred pass.


The sun had not shone in so long,

But once it returned, I was finally strong;

I realized that I had a purpose,

When prior to I felt so worthless;

I faced the fears that dragged me along.

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