The Pineapple on Coconut Island

Fri, 01/19/2018 - 10:03 -- terryn

Dear world,


I often ponder your composition

A seeming giant reservoir of water

Flowing as one, united


But is this really true?

Those oceans, large as they may be

Are dotted with little patches that choose to rise above


Islands--a radical departure from the norm

Who would have thought

That the first little island that decided to break through

Would succeed?


Now, on one island

An ordinary island

There exists a vast forest of tropical trees


And that island is dotted by coconuts

Coconuts, coconuts, coconuts

Coconuts everywhere


But say that a pineapple were to appear

On that mystical Coconut Island


Is a pineapple a coconut?

Well, no…

Does a pineapple look like a coconut?

Well, not exactly…

Then why is there a pineapple on Coconut Island???


It is an outrage

To imagine that something so different,

Something so unlike a coconut,

Should dare appear on Coconut Island


But world,


You weren’t always a place of fruitfulness


Before that one island decided to break your glistening surface

You were an ocean

Where not even a coconut could survive


So why not give that pineapple a chance?

A chance to make a change,

A chance to turn Coconut Island into a habitable abode


It may be easier to stay in the ocean,

Or to identify with the norm

But it is the islands and the pineapples that make a difference


I want you to remember that, world


Terryn B.


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