My Traveling Dove

The dove gliding across the red sea of mornings light

Landing in a forest of pine and oak

The trees sprouting skyward from left to right

The voice of the dove through the air’s cloak

The dove is moving though time and space

Never seen by man but heard by all

Each area the dove will race

Even when the rhythm of its voice fall

Dangers follow the little dove

Every painful stride he will overcome

To the end of his journey comes love

Finally he sits and he starts to hum

Over and over each day he does the same

To the end there is nothing to blame

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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This poem was written about a friend of mine who killed herself because she was different. People would call her names and beat her. She had nothing but pain. She was born a man but she was more of a woman than what others thought. I think that if people can look through the differences of our outer looks and see others for what is on the inside. Death came too soon for so many people. It could have been prevented but it was not. That is why i write, to put my feelings to words and help others like my friend and me look differently on the world.

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