Silence is not Attraction: A Lesson by The Little Mermaid

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 03:23 -- moiyuh

Your voice is one of the most powerful instruments you are born with,

It has both ended wars and started them all with a flick of a tongue.

It conveys our emotions and sings our songs.

We were even given ears to be able to comprehend the languages we've created.

So Ariel, youngest daughter of triton

how could you give your weapons away?

How could you put your defenses down for a boy?

a boy who's name you don’t even know?

You may respond, " For love of course"

but in giving away your voice you planned an action course for getting your heart broken.

You have one day to make him fall in love

or become the poor unfortunate souls you're afraid of

You teach an unaware audience that silence is attraction

And that a pretty face is all it takes to reel a man in.

But substance is necessary as much as your passion

You have to use your words as efficiently as possible because for some of us,

it’s the only weapon we got.


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