Sweet to sour

Her words were as sweet as honey,

And her smile was even sweeter.

She would always help those around her,

No matter who or what the situation was.

She always praised others,

Their achievements and accomplished goals

Never hidden from her eyes,

Nor were the words of approval concealed in her mouth.

And the worst thing...?

No one was around her while she needed help.

No one was there when she accomplished a feat.

No words of approval,

No signs of encouragement from others.

While she gave, they were greedy.

While she asked in return, they were selfish.

Her smile disappeared.

Ignored by everyone,

it spoiled and her words turned sour.

She had changed,

And everyone blamed it all on her.

They washed their hands from her,

it's not their problem,

it never has and never will be.

Society used her and left her there,

and what can she do now?

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My community
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