Two Sides

Needless to say, 

I am a two-way mirror, 

Dappled and smudged 

But I couldn't be clearer. 


My mind is a puzzle 

Locked in a dark room, 

Assembling itself 

So that it might bloom. 


I am painting the line 

Between hope and reality

Because the life that I know 

Is not life - just a fallacy. 


You may not see it 

Yet I am bound to shatter, 

Exposing my mind 

To our world that is tattered. 


Still, I am strength. 

I am a barrier.

As for faith, 

I am a carrier.


I am one 

With a voice; 

To make a change 

Is my choice. 


So, needful to say, 

I am a two-way mirror,

Shaken but tough

And I couldn't be clearer. 

This poem is about: 
Our world
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