Another day to go to work.
All dressed up looking decent.
A perfect perfume for a pleasant scent.
A little make up on to look glamorous.
Finally, a big smile to look perfect;
But am I happy?

Everyday I have the perfect look.
Everyday I carry a heavy burden.
Yet no one knows why?
I always have the perfect look.
I smile!

I leave the world puzzled;
Leaving them to dazzle.
Not letting them know my pain.
To see the tears;
To see the agony!
Oh! Countless times I stand under the rain.
Waiting for lightening to strike me down.
The howling wind to shove me off to the gutters.
Yet, it never happens.
I head home smiling!

I believe the pain to be a mirage.
A perfect illusion;
Caused by the world spinning round.
Surely, the suffering will end.
The tears will seize;
This involuntary happiness will end.

Another day to go to work;
Dressed up looking decent.
Make up on to look glamorous.
Perfume, for a pleasant scent.
A big smile to look perfect.
Soon, I will be happy!

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