The Dove and The Windsheild

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 22:03 -- pavaca

With college approaching

My sanity needs coaxing

Musing my future-

A dry, beguiled form of humor


Waiting. Debating. Suffocating.


It's the epitome of a plight

They say is only finite

But that’s my infinity 

Forever in my vicinity


Waiting. Debating. Suffocating.


Oh, my poor, bereft zeal

My dream’s a presumptuous ideal

All the choices seem blasé

Can I not just focus on today


Waiting. Debating. Suffocating.


Pathetically lying prostrate 

Can't help it, can’t think straight

Might as well denounce it all–

My momentum so stagnant, but now that’s protocol


Too much Waiting. Too much Debating. Too much Suffocating.


I am a dove, and I smashed into a windshield 

The Crash jolted me into reality, I healed

Ol' cracks on the glass– now my veins

College, success, my future, I will attain


No more Waiting. No more Debating. No more Suffocating. Instead... Graduating.  


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