Mental Mass

Illuminated by the

infinite sublimity

Of the seemingly

half-real form

of this man’s body

weighing her down,

She sinks beneath

His solid shadow,

lighter than feathers.


Without having been

pardoned in advance

for the Ephemeral Nature of

Their Infinitum,

His heaviness continues

to pin Her

to the ground,

nailing Her to

Their Transitory Eternity.


she soars further

into The Myth of

Their Nonexistence.


With an aura of nostalgia,

she settles further into

“The Sunset of [Her] Dissolution,”

Irrevocably altered by

the burden of

His heaviness on

Her Life’s Destiny.


She longs to discern

if the recurrence of

His Absence and the

ensuing torment

Are an unbearable

responsibility self-inflicted,

Or a childishly simple,

beautiful freedom

Permitted Her by

The Beauty of His Absence. 

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Our world
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Willow Kirk

This is very deep and beautiful, I love it


Thank you very much Willow!

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