his eyes were mine

his eyes were mine,
they held the sea and the sun.
making my heart explode 
his eyes never showed me love
because they were in love with another.

his lips were mine
thinned in the corners,
slightly full in the center.
they always wore a ruby blush
mocking me saying "we'll be kissed sure enough."
every sound they whispered, murmured, 
and sighed
made it seemed like I was losing my mind.

my dreams were his
consisting of him and me
no matter how much he hurt me, I never stopped 
like an addict, he was my vice.
wishing to run my fingertips along the wrinkled
spot, between his right thumb to his middle finger.
to be his was always the plan,
but fear seduced me, wrapped around me.

fear was a green eyed, blue furred monster,
he always had to be first in my mind.
I hated him with all my being,
but slowly I found myself drifting back to the sea,
visions of him and me.
his smirk, his voice, his lips, and eyes,
slipping, slipping, slowly I was floating under.
he always made it too hard to breathe,
those eyes pulled me deeper.
those eyes, those damn eyes.
deeper, darker, deeper, I drown into those orbs
the depth of the ocean overbearing.
dark, wet, and hypnotic
they've lost the light, my sweet light.
the coldness gnawing at my flesh
the pressure too strong, the abyss pulling me,
everything started to grow black, and I saw stars.

I can't stand the pain, knocking on my consciousness begging,
pleading to be let in.
my heart squeezing
feeling the blood draining, 
my hands feeling numb.
so I slightly parted my lips,

letting the water fill my body.
suddenly his arms were twisted over me,
staring into my void eyes,
he knew I was his little play thing.

he takes us to the surface,
legs and arms entwined.
wanting to stop, the light in his eyes gradually
turned on, while mine turned off.
feeling his grip loosen as we reached the top,


his smirk growing wider as I broke the surface.
so I invited air in and finally drifted off. smiling softly, basking
in the sun and feeling the water's undulations,
my mind drifting back to a simple thought,


his eyes were mine,
they held the sea and the sun.

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