A man left broken

Sun, 02/04/2018 - 13:57 -- nestor

Dear Ex


Love is an illusion of lust combined with a drug addiction,

Finding pure happiness is nothing but a tall tale fiction,

Vanished without closure I'm not ready for it to be over,

So many questions been asked but left with no answer,

the darkness of my world continues to spread like cancer,

you decided not to see the worth in me and leave it all behind,

to be blind is fine if all you want is nothing at all 

dont expect for me to pick up the phone when you call

Im done trying over again, hurts to much to know we've reached the end,

because of you we will never be friends


When its dark out I search for love but cant find it

Nothing but sex and drugs but dont mind it

Because it’s not real im reminded

Let truth be told, love found by putting poison through your nose,

spending money on newer clothes while the darkness grows,

only a small group knows that eventually everything fades,

the most brightest of colors turn grey,

the high fades but the pain still stays

with the longest nights turning to days

waking up when the rush is over,

quickly run to love because I  cant survive being sober,

we never had closure, i just need to accept its all over


with you i thought it was my time, my time to shine

even when moments seemed tough I told myself all will be fine,

looking back to the first moment we met,

replaying all the good times we spent, 

even today cant believe it ended this way,

thinking I can fix it before history is set

but with the way you left I start to regret

the first moment we met

when I look around i see you every where,

bursted in anger, punched a hole in my wall and left it there,

to remind me what you did with my heart, theres nothing there

to remind me not start again, this is the end.


Take this memory and bag it, put it in a casket

dig 6 feet deep and leave it, walk away and never look back to it,

taking this weight off my shoulders, i’ll not be one of your fallen soldiers,

with the wrong you done, its safe to say im gone

im the fool to thinking this could all last long

this was bound to be tragic, no way this could’ve lasted


Yours truly,

A man left broken 


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