Falling (out)

I'm falling
But you won't catch me.
I'm falling,
Landing out this time.
I'm falling
But you didn't push me.
I'm falling
But you didn't pull me.
"I can't help it if you're falling"
I'm assuming he says.
I never asked directly,
I'm the one who takes the blame.
And I chose this consciously,
Because I can't ask for someone to pull me.
Because I can't scream that I'm falling.
Because not to be pushed should be enough.
But it's never going to be enough.
Not for me. Not with us.
I asked for a rope,
But either you don't have it
Or you didn't get my note.
I'm falling,
The same way I couldn't help it when I met you.
I'm falling,
But this time,
I'm falling
Out of love.

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I feel like this demonstrates really well on how complicated it can be, being in love with someone and having its feeling then losing that feeling, its well said.


It seems like his heart was broken. 


I felt this in my heart💔🔥💯

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