The Rose

A life with you is like a rose.

It is beautiful to look at,

It may have some rough edges.

But those rough edges are healthy.

You are you and I am me.

Like a rose, our relationship grows.


The wind lets the rose take its own course.

That is you and I.

We continue our ways without a cloud of judgment,

We encourage each other to succeed.

There will be disagreements,

But this doesn't make us worse.


A rose can talk to others believe it or not.

We communicate, too.

That is what makes our relationship so glorious,

That is what makes us happy.

There is respect between one another.

We don't let this world let us rot.


A rose means passion and love.

We ARE the rose.

We support each other,

We LOVE one another.

I respect you BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

You are my rose, love.

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