America: Shackled to Our Ego

America, America
the land of the free
America the beautiful
built on bravery


But are we as boundless
as we claim to be?


Chained to our pride,
entrenched in self-righteousness
consumed by the hunger for wealth
long forgotten is our humbleness


'We have a right, it is our right'
the crowds chant away
'to this and that, to that and this'
satisfaction ne'er at bay


'More, give me more!'
they scream out in vigor
but the want never seems to wane,
lusts forever growing bigger


The appetite for fame
encapsulates the many
blurring the true important values
America offers the plenty


Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Vote,
and the Constitution
a set of civil liberties
promoting a life free of destitution


We shan't allow ourselves
to be slaves of the dollar
for that is the greatest form
of existing in moral squalor


Grateful we should be
of the wars our ancestors fought
grateful it is not us
being sold or bought


Do not let their sacrifice
be reason for your vanity
Courage, selflessness, compassion,
these are qualities of humanity


Let go of your arrogance
Show that modesty has won
may we never forget
the world revolves around none

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My country
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