Dear America

Dear America,

Look past your built in pools,

There are kids lonely and afraid beyond them,

They have seen life sized doll pieces scattered on their lush green lawns,

They have been taught to walk like soldiers,

March. Knees Straight. Head Tall.

Don't use your brain, Don't you dare think 

Don't cringe at the sound of a gunshot, pop, pop, pop

Don't flinch at the sight of your kins' blood,

Turn on the TV and see the face of a sweet colored girls face

Fuzzy pixels define her features now, she is now the cover story


it's the same thing. every. single. day.

In the same towns

Might as well start building their front doors as cemetary gates

I'll tell you what no one can picture when they hear of another murder,

Dear America,

Picture a mother-torn apart-selling her babys' empty cradle 

Got nothing left but empty hands 

Tell me why, America, are some people born with targets on their backs?

Does it disturb you,

That some children want to chip away their skin,

Just to paint a new color and see if the light will hit their skin differently?

Making them invisible. 




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My community
My country
Our world
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