As I walked along the street

I saw the shadow of a soul

Its heart was beaten, all I saw was dullness

It was screaming for help, but no one could hear


It went on its journey, growing more tired with each step

As it lay next to a tree, it wondered why the tree would want to grow 

When every day people stepped on its roots

When they pulled its leaves, branded its body


It realized the tree would be decapitated one day, then used 

But the tree provided oxygen for the creatures that surrounded it

It was a home for others, protecting them from predators 

It was the shelter for flowers and animals, a source for food


The shadow decided that it wanted to give all the worn out souls a new heart

It started helping souls whose light was not shining like it should

It wanted to help them grow into something similar to the tree

Because that's what ignited its heart, making the light of other souls bright again


As time went on, I saw the shadow of the soul again

It was helping flowers grow

It was watering seeds and soil

It was helping cubs find food and a home


This time the shadow was not dull 

It was bright, it carried a light almost blinding

It was not worn out, it overflowed with energy 

And if you looked really close, you could see that it was finally smiling 








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