The Insecta Order

I wonder how long we hold feud
To what is red and what is blue
Yet our eight legged branch can't walk
On a single file ant line to the booth
For the new insect order say to be behind the head

Now I clean the lenses off my magnifier glass
After seeing a storm disrupting the compound eyes of mine
That bring me to buzz in the center of the web
However the web was w facade of the delight face
Like the various amendment of the insects order

It even more of a delight when adults are larvae
But the true oxymoron victim is not the truth
It is however our foundation which engulf in thin air
Like air not clear to touch our ganglia or thorax
Although clean air is a yes to the insect order

Now our trust with a pray mantis, cidcada, roach, and criket
Is such indeed a abundance of entertainment
But like a starving leech it bound to leave at no means
For means equal to doing what is right
Although does "right" means something to the insects order
No for the insect order is a necessities to
All her worker bee cling on to the slightest bit of nectar that does not belong to the insect order

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My country
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This is one of my favorite poem, that I made in 2015. Please let me know on what I can improve on.

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