Breath of Life

I don't remember when you showed up in my life.

You're the companion I never wished for,

A thick silence that sucks away the flame of my soul.


A vacuum of grey is left in its place, not bad, not good.

The energy has fizzled, and the grip of fear has replaced it.


I cannot name your source,

I cannot define you.

All I know, is I must defeat you.


There is a light in me that is being suffocated, 

And it's gasping for even one shallow breath.

A chance at life,

A chance to ignite.


The potential is charged and yearning to break free,

But it need a spark,

To disintegrate what has smothered it for all these years.


You will not win.

You cannot win.

This life is mine.

and though I cannot see you,

I feel you,

And it is time break free,

And burn blazingly ahead into the future.

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